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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Woohoo, we sold our house!

One of our neighbors I guess saw that someone came to look at our house and told her ex-daughter-in-law that we wanted to sell. She came over and looked before we even put a sign up in the yard. She decided she wanted it and went to her financier and got approved. So, today we are meeting to write up a contract. As soon as we have a contract we can make an offer on the house we want. I never dreamed this all would happen so fast. I do know that if my house wasn't in order from the last 6 months of following flylady, I wouldn't have had the courage to make a leap like this. I have run the numbers and we will be paying out only a few dollars a month more than we are now and get a much larger house in a wonderful neighborhood. The insurance on this house is sky high, so we will save $$ there. We should be able to use the equity from this house to pay off all our debts including the car payment. Paying off the car will allow us to drop to liability insurance, which will save us quite a bit. The house we buy will also build equity much faster than this one because it is a site built home instead of a mobile home. All I can say is Thank You, Lord for blessing our family!

Friday, May 25, 2007

We are selling our house

We have been working like dogs on the house. We have found a house that we want really bad, so we have to sell this one. Hopefully we can sell ours before that one sells, but if not that's okay we'll just find another one. You can view a listing of the house we want here
If you know someone who might be interested in buying our house give them our phone number.

We are going to be on tv!

Our family has been chosen to be featured on a documentary that will air next year on BYU tv. The documentary is called Real Families, Real Answers and is about families and their faith and how faith is so important. You can look at their website here . The production team chose us because of all the adversity we have faced and yet remain committed to our marriage, our family and our faith. When I signed up I never dreamed they would even call us back let known choose us to be featured. We prayed long and hard about this and have decided that this is a good way to let people know the power that Jesus holds in our lives. The director even told me that they will not sensor my religious beliefs in any way and they are specifically looking for how faith affects our family life and how we handle adversity.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A diagnosis for Katy?

I think I may have stumbled across a diagnosis for Katy. I was talking to another mom of an autistic child about all of the special, beautiful characteristics of my kids. She said that my words reminded her of an article she had read about a little girl that had a genetic syndrome. Her father said many of the same things about her that I had said about Katy and Sean. They are non-verbal, but the communication is so great, they laugh and play and are just a ray of sunshine. On that page there was a link for more information on this little girl's syndrome. It is Cornelia deLange Syndrome(CdLS). I really feel like this may be our answer we have waited so long for. I contacted my geneticist and she said,"No Katy is too pretty to have that." I almost fell out of my chair I couldn't believe that a professional would say something like that. I mean, does that mean that CdLS kids are ugly? Children are a gift from God no matter what their ability level and they are ALL beautiful. Anyway here is a link to the CdLS Foundation website.