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Monday, January 7, 2008

Sean's note from school

Sean came home from school today and as I was sorting through his things, I looked in his communication notebook. This is a notebook that the teacher and I can send back and forth explaining what he did that day, so we can stay on the same page. I was thrilled to read her note today.

"We had a great day! Sean has been talking all day. He said mama, daddy, Katy, pop and verbalized for a lot of other words, but couldn't quite get the right word out. We wrote that another child had lost a tooth for news time today. Sean got up and opened his mouth and put my hand where he had lost a tooth We wrote that in the news too!"

How's that for exciting! He is now up to over 10 words! Woohoo! I have dreamed of this for years and now I am just so proud of him.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A breakthrough, maybe!?

Sean is trying to talk!!! He can say some words on command now. He is saying "Sister"-while pointing to Katy, "Bug"(Katy's nick-name), "Daddy"-while pointing to William,"Mama"-while pointing to me, "Cru-tan"-while pointing to his baby brother(that is the baby's nick-name LOL, don't ask!), "Cocoa"-while pointing to his new cat, and "Bubba" while pointing to his cousin (again a nick-name). He just suddenly started doing this, wow! This is the best he has ever done with speech. Maybe we can build on this and ease some of his frustration to stop this behavior problem of his. I am looking feverishly for any idea of how to help him with his behavior. There is not a lot of research on what really works and I have no idea how insurance coverage works for all this.