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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sean really scared me today!

I was putting Katy down for her nap and I heard Sean go out the front door. So I went out to get him. He had somehow crawled under the front of the house through a vent in the foundation. He was stuck and couldn't get back out. I tried to pull him out, but he just couldn't fit through the hole. I have no idea how he managed to get in there. He was scared and signing "help please, help please!" I managed to pull a piece of siding off so I could get him out. He was so filthy I just put him right in the tub. Just another episode of "Adventures in Autism Land". I have read that many autistic kids like crawling into tight spaces, so I guess this is just par for the course.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like that hole needs to be repaired so he cant try to crawl up in it. William should make this a priority.