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Friday, April 18, 2008

Wow What a day!

Crazy me, I entered a contest on the only radio station we listen to and wouldn't ya know I won! Our radio station is WDJC in Birmingham and they are celebrating 40 years in ministry. They had a contest where you e-mail in how the radio station has made a difference in your life. Here is what I wrote:


We are the Bussey family from Anniston. WDJC has made such a difference
in our lives. My daughter was born in November of 2003 with multiple
birth defects that are part of an undiagnosed genetic syndrome. She was
transferred from our local hospital to Children's hospital when she was
just a few hours old. That very long drive to Children's after spending
a whole night with her so far away was made bearable by listening to the
familiar, uplifting music we had grown to love over the years. To our
pleasant surprise the NICU nurses had WDJC on in the unit all the time
so we could get the message we needed and be comforted by the familiar
music we loved amongst the unfamiliar chaos of the unit. They were also
playing WDJC on the radio at the Ronald McDonald House in the common
areas and other families were just as blessed as we were to constantly
hear the message that no matter how bad things got, God was there and He
loved them. The blessings we have been granted by the Lord have been
transmitted through your station for years. Through all of the follow
up appts and long drives to Birmingham you have granted us strength and
brought our spirits up through your message of hope and love in Christ.
We are stronger because of the ministry of your station many times over.

Another thing I would like to mention is that Mark Harris is also very
important to our family and has given us hope for the future with our
children. We have 2 special needs children as well as one child that is
typically developing. The song, "Find Your Wings" that he performed has
really touched us and changed the way we view parenting these very
special children and raising them "in the way they should go". I have
for a long time wanted to tell him how important that song has been to
our family and we pray that we will have the opportunity to tell him
face to face at the WDJC Birthday party.

William and Jennifer Bussey and children

The party was awesome and I could listen to Mark Harris all day long!


Amy said...

So what did you win?

Jenny said...

I won a private birthday party and concert with Mark Harris-formerly of the Christian group For Him and an N Vogue spa package worth $500. I got a facial, massage, reflexology treatment, manicure, pedicure, make up and hairstyle. I still have not had the massage or the reflexology because the ladies who do that were not in the day I had the other stuff done. I will schedule that soon. After I got all that done we went up to the top of Vestavia Hills where that big Gazebo thing is and William took pictures of me and now he wants me to send them in to modeling agencies, but I just don't know about all that. This year has been so wonderful in so many ways.

Amy said...

That's fantastic! I wanna see the pics!