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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little worried, pray for me

I went to the doctor last week after fainting. I have been having some weird symptoms that are rather non-specific. The doctor ordered some labs that came back abnormal. My TSH was elevated as well as my triglycerides. My HDL(good cholesterol) was a little low, but my LDL(bad cholesterol) was fine as well as my overall cholesterol. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. From my research the triglycerides being high is because of the thyroid problem. I will be going for a thyroid ultrasound this week to investigate further. No wonder I have felt so bad for so long. Good news is that this condition is very treatable and I should be feeling better very soon. This could be an auto-immune disorder and might lead to further testing for other auto-immune diseases.


Russ said...

Well you know your ole Dad over here in Afghanistan worries too. You should keep me informed, My e-mail works great. This blog dont. Been trying to respond here for a week and hadnt been able to.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely right, if you are going to have a problem this is the one to have as the treatment is relatively easy and quick. Still it's no fun being sick especially when you are the busiest mommy in America :o)