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Monday, April 2, 2007

Having a bad day

Sean got a new pair of shoes yesterday because his old ones were falling apart. New things are not Sean's idea of fun. His autism creates a very strong need for sameness and any threat to that causes him great trauma. I started trying to get him to put on his shoes at 9:00. The bus comes at 11:00 and we usually play outside after breakfast until it comes. Well that didn't happen this morning. He would NOT put his new shoes on. He just kept crying and signing "shoe". I told him that the old ones were no good and he would have to wear the new ones. We went round and round about it, but no way was he going to put on those shoes. I told him that I was not going to get the old ones and he was going to wear the new ones no matter what he did. He then got very angry with me and began to hit and kick me. He NEVER does this, I was shocked. I eventually had to hold him down and put them on and then keep him from taking them off until the bus got there. I am totally exhausted and at a loss as to what to do about the new shoes issue. The only thing I can do is make him wear them until he gets used to them.


Dad said...

Patients Jenny
Patients is a Virtue

Ettina said...

I have a suggestion.
Maybe try having him wear the old shoes and just carry the new shoes around until he's used to that, then get him to wear them some of the time and the old shoes other times, and gradually decrease the amount of time he wears the old shoes until he's no longer wearing them.
Introducing change gradually can often make it easier to accept.
Of course if the shoes are really bad, you may find it easier to just deal with his discomfort with changes. It depends on which is worse.
And I could just not understand the situation, I suppose. I'm certainly not all-knowing.