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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Katy is into everything

She is walking all over the place now and giggling the whole time. She is soooo proud of her accomplishment. She only uses her wheelchair for the bus now and is using her walker less and walking unassisted more and more each day. It is so exciting to see her excel!!


Maya M said...

Congratulations! I am very glad for her and for your entire family.

Anonymous said...

nanna is so proud of her .. I have been leaving you msgs to let you know I couldnt get into the site to post are read to no avail for awhile now.. I was kept filled in by Tara and now mike wont let her talk with me much no more. So that leaves me kind of alone here and not knowing nothing that is going on.. I only wish I could write to my mom and dad are call them but thats impossible to. I am so very very proud of katie and I do pray everyday and I know there are many who judge me harshly but they never walked a mile in my shoes either so let them judge me I know my god hears me when I talk to him that is what counts if no one else in this world listens to me he sure does.. So you all have a wonderful get away weekend you all deserve this.. Love you mom........................ who would love to be kept informed about life and things happening and who can always be reached here on this earth.. Love always and forever.. ps.. Tell Tara that mike has nothing to do with her and I.. I was on the phone with the kids talking when he came home and realized I was on the phone it sounded like he was taking it all out on Tara.. Thats not right just because I told him what I think of him has nothing to do with Tara and her kids.. Are does it. anyways I love you all no matter what happens and how lonseome I get here I deserve it I guess..

Jenny said...

You can write to your momma and daddy. Just write them and put it in a box that you have decoratedup in their honor. I am so sorry you feel lonely. I wish I could give you a hug right now. I love you no matter what!