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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My thoughts on the Jena 6

I was so saddened to hear that such thing could still happen in 2007. Okay the white boy who hung the hang man's noose in the tree was wrong and he should have been punished for such blatant terroristic tactics. He however did NOT deserve to be beaten within an inch of his life. The young men who beat him deserve to be charged as adults and should be sent to prison for their crime.

Now to the "American's" who are supporting these boys....Hello this is the same as Arab Americans supporting the 9-11 bombers. Black people should be putting out statements saying that this is not what they had in mind with the civil rights movement and distancing themselves from these boys. This was a hate crime and and an act of terrorism and saying the boys should be charged as juveniles is just absurd.


Anonymous said...

You are right. But have you ever noticed that the Black community will always just jump on a black issue even though it is wrong. A recent case is the Texaco station in Birmingham. The guy defends his business against a shoplifter who is black and the whole city turns against him to include the Mayor and Police Chief. When are American going to quit standing on the side of the wrong just because of race? How about for once lets just stand up for what is right, race be damned...

Russ Davis

Jenny said...

AMEN, preach it like Dr. King!

Maya M said...

Living in Europe, I hadn't heard about the Jena 6 case. I've just read about it in Wikipedia. It doesn't give the names of the white students thought to have put the nooses, but I have the impression that the white boy who was later beaten wasn't even among them.
I agree with the anonymous commenter. Years ago, I was shocked that black Americans generally supported OJ Simpson. Times Magazine wrote that many black women were confused because as blacks they sympathized with OJ but as women sympathized with his ex-wife. So it turns out that in our modern times people not only side with who is like them (rather than with who is right) but find this morally OK! And you are right that it resembles Arab mentality. I read some Arab blogs and I often find there the opinion - let us support our people as we can and if there is conflict with other people, let's fight it out.

Ettina said...

On a tangent, I was reading a book about sexual abuse of boys in which they said that girls abused by men are viewed as victims, while boys abused by women are treated as 'lucky'. I realized not only is that attitude prejudiced against the abused boys, it is prejudiced against women - treating women as if they are so weak a boy is of equal or greater power!