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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted.

It is just the average busy stuff we do all the time getting in my way. Lets see, what has happened lately?

Sean lost his first tooth and got 75 cents from the tooth fairy. He bought a Dr. Pepper out of the soda machine at church with it. And what is hilarious is that he drew a picture of a soda can, taped it to the washing machine, pulls out the detergent dispenser to put money in and pulls out a soda that he put in there. So now I have to watch for money and soda in the washer.

My dishwasher died and I got a new one and it is awesome, no rinsing or rewashing, yippee! But we tore up the flooring in the kitchen removing the old one and putting in the new one. So I guess our next task is to redo the flooring.

We are broke as usual and have no idea what the budget for Christmas is going to look like. I would love to start my shopping and wrapping now, but with no money and no idea how much William's Profit Sharing Payout is going to be, it will have to wait and it is driving me nuts. I made a list with everyone we intend to buy for and some ideas on what to get, that made me feel a little better about it all.

I do have some yummy holiday recipes converted to our dietary needs so we'll just have to see how they turn out. I can't have milk and soy. William can't have sugar and is extremely picky. Sean can't have milk, soy, gluten(wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt), red food coloring and cured meats. Katy can't have milk, soy, corn, eggs and oranges and only eats purees. J.D. is starting to show some subtle signs of food allergy, but I haven't out what to yet. I will try to eliminate cow milk first since it is the most likely culprit. That won't be hard to do in my house.


greasy joan said...

Jenny, My heart is with you, mama! You are indeed the busiest mama in America! You write so beautifully, I love your blog.

Anne from albf

Anonymous said...

Well Im very proud of you Jenny .. You are a very strong willed person. I raided you to be that way . Remember things always have a way of working themselves out just keep that faith I know you carry in you. There are many things in our life we have to deal with and you have your share of dealing with them. I admire you for how you handle things hon. Just keep up the great job you are doing.. Hugs Love you mom.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to write my story here I guess this is the best place for it. I remember when Katie was born she was so precious and remember her first drawn breath and how I was so excited at how much hair she had. When things turned bad for her and they had to fly her to birmingham hospital we were all praying for her and keeping the faith she was going to survive. She did survive and she has taught my whole family a lesson. She just has a way of lighting up the room and folks arround her. She is our precious gift I thank god everyday for her.She is the strongest little girl Ive ever saw and she gives me strength to face whatever may come in my path of life that lies ahead of me. I know that I will be strong like my precious angel Katie.. I know that no matter what happens I will keep my faith going and I will always have that ability to know what to do in a situation no matter what it is that arises. There are so many things in our life that we take for granite sometimes we forget the blessings we all have that are there in front of us all. We are too busy on the focus of whats wrong with our life. Learn to enjoy what it right with it. Embrase life embrase your loved .. Never take anything for granite. Brenda.............. The proud nanna of katie .. Nanna misses you katie bug................ love you