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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A breakthrough, maybe!?

Sean is trying to talk!!! He can say some words on command now. He is saying "Sister"-while pointing to Katy, "Bug"(Katy's nick-name), "Daddy"-while pointing to William,"Mama"-while pointing to me, "Cru-tan"-while pointing to his baby brother(that is the baby's nick-name LOL, don't ask!), "Cocoa"-while pointing to his new cat, and "Bubba" while pointing to his cousin (again a nick-name). He just suddenly started doing this, wow! This is the best he has ever done with speech. Maybe we can build on this and ease some of his frustration to stop this behavior problem of his. I am looking feverishly for any idea of how to help him with his behavior. There is not a lot of research on what really works and I have no idea how insurance coverage works for all this.


Anonymous said...

Well there is another prayers answered so much for all the ones judging me out there. I do pray and I feel my prayers do reach where they need to go. I thank you god for this break through with my precious grandson. I am so proud of you sean and always know nanna loves you and there are many who are above watching over you who love you that you may never know but they do love and are up there watching over you sweetie. Well was I right on this are what. I told you that he would start talking but in his own good time. I did tell you that and I have always knew that deep inside my heart. Sometimes we are dealt things in our life we dont understand but god never gives us more than we can take and he always has a reason for things that we may never understand but in the sweet bye and bye we always will know. I love you and miss you and ty for this wonderful wonderful news. And by the way how are the other grandkids doing and yourself.. Love you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. your mom living in pa.. loving you everymoment in my heart and soul................Love Mom(Aka) Brenda & Rick

Maya M said...