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Monday, July 7, 2008

Check this out!

During the conference there was a young man running around getting pictures of all the children. He was so friendly and truly saw the beauty in those kids. At the concluding breakfast he presented the photos he took and told us about himself and the company he founded. He is a fashion photographer who grew weary of being told what was beautiful and disgusted at how fickle the concept of beauty seemed to be in that industry. He had a wild idea to try to change that and decided to take photos of people the fashion world might reject, but he saw their beauty shine through and wanted to share that beauty with the world. Katy is in his slide show on his website here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures are gorgeous!! So much diversity!

Maya M said...

Is Katy the girl partially hiding behind a violet object?

Jenny said...

Yes Katy is playing with a textured ball in that photo.