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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sean is talking!

Sean began saying a few words back in December and stayed there for awhile. Then over the summer he began to say a few more words and now he is coming up with something new every day. Today he got off the bus and walked over to the DVD player, picked up his "Big Bird Gets Lost" DVD and handed it to me and said,"Big Bird". So of course he got to watch Big Bird! I am so glad he got into camp this summer because he had a great summer and I think that is why he is trying so hard to speak.


Shasta said...

I am so glad that Sean is starting to talk!! Congrats!! Talk to you later..

Amy said...

How wonderful! Yay for Sean!

cdls said...

That's awesome Jenny! Here's hoping there will be many more words to come for Sean!

Russ said...

Great news.
Now you get to look forward to the day when you have to tell him to shutup..hahaha When it starts is apt to be like the dam burst and it will all come flooding out.