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Monday, September 1, 2008

I just got busier

I got a part time job to make ends meet. I am taking care of 3 little kids in the afternoons at their house. I saw an ad in the Buy Sell Bulletin asking for someone to watch children in their home and called. I interviewed and she chose me as soon as she talked to me. The children have some minor special needs and she was very cautious about a sitter for them. She said I was a perfect fit for them because of my experience as a mommy to special kiddos. I started last Monday. I am working from 2-5:30 on most days. The 2 younger kids are 1 year old preemie twins and the older is a 5 year old kindergartner. He gets off the bus at around 4:00. I take J.D. with me and then William comes to get him when he gets off work. If he was to work overtime I would pack up the babies and go get Sean and Katy off the bus and head back over well before it is time to get the other little boy off the bus. I prepare for dinner ahead of time so I can just throw something together when I get home and so far everything is running pretty smoothly.

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Shasta said...

Wow!! I am glad that it is working out so well. I have just started back to school and I am terrified beyond belief..How has everybody been doing? Is Sean talking anymore? Did you receive the flyer for the next support group meeting? Got to go. Talk to you later. Oh, by the way I just got back from eye doctor and I have glasses know. Yeah, just another thing to make me feel older.