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Friday, September 12, 2008

The new civil rights movement

God doesn't make mistakes. EVERY person has a purpose whether or not they know it or live up to it. I am so excited at the prospect of one of us(Special mommies) making it to the White house. I pray that God's will be done for this election and for all the critical issues the country is facing at this time. Please take the time to check out this article about Trig Palin, Sarah Palin's 5th child. I was going to vote for McCain before he announced his choice for VP, but now I am actually excited about the prospect of voting now. I will not agree on all the issues with the McCain/Palin camp, but this is one I can honestly say I support because I am also a "Bulldog with lipstick." I have fought tooth and nail for a better life for my kids and I hope that the administration of the country regardless of outcome of the election will join that fight. Those who face challenges deserve a life that is cherished, honored and respected. They deserve to have free will and dignity, not to be incarcerated because the Government funds institutions but not community supports.

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Christy said...

McCain/Palin have my vote, too! We need an advocate in the White House and the prospect is really exciting!