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Friday, October 2, 2009

As a mom-The sisterhood of the mommy patriots

I was watching Glenn Beck and saw a mom, just like the rest of us who decided to start a website to connect moms to stand up for America called This blog has been rather non-political, but I can't keep silent anymore. I took an oath to protect this country and her constitution with my very life and now it is being torn to shreds by those we elected to represent us. I want to secure a future for my children to live in liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Equal opportunity, not equal possessions. I was brought up to believe that people do not appreciate things that are given to them; they have to work for them in order to fully understand how important they are. Liberty is no different. Our forefathers put their lives on the line to grant us liberty in our constitution, yet we are complacent. This country was founded on the premise that God created us all equal and gave us certain inalienable rights. A portion of the Battle Hymn of the Republic says it all: "He died to make men Holy, let us die to make men free". Americans value the liberty of themselves and others above their own lives. I went to a Tea Party on 9-12 and a veteran of WWII spoke. I will never forget his speech as long as I shall live. He was in charge of the group of American soldiers who discovered and liberated the first known Nazi concentration camp. He said that when he and his men went into the camp the prisoners there were terrified. He screamed out, "We are AMERICANS!!" A cheer roared out from the crowd because they knew they were freed. We are still AMERICANS and we will fight for liberty at home and abroad until the Lord returns for those who have accepted Him.

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