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Thursday, November 13, 2008

interesting story

I saw this on Yahoo!News today and thought it was interesting. Maybe the public schools can take notes and learn from this to help these kids. Being understood really goes a long way to teaching someone. If someone feels they have to keep their guard up all the time to avoid sensory overload and miscommunication and bullying they have a real hard time learning. Sean's school is very individual in their approach to the children's needs and focuses on each child's strengths and weaknesses. It has really made a huge difference in his ability to learn. His teacher and aides really seem to understand. Since starting there he is making great progress. This morning he wanted me to blow up a balloon. He gave me a balloon and said, "Momma". I said, "Do you want me to blow up a balloon?" He said, "mm-hmm." I started to blow it up and he said, "Make it big please!" and threw his arms out to indicate big. I was so proud of him I could burst! We actually had a conversation, YAY!


Russ said...

Little steps over a long period make for a long voyage.
He will get there, he is well on his way.

Maya M said...

Great! If this is his first sentence, note the date!
"Boon" (baloon) was one of my son's first words when his speech reemerged. Seeing big baloons blown up and arranged for sale, he would go to them, caress the most wanted one and say, "Boon, boon!"